Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Beautiful Lie

The Beautiful Lie
Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad

It is said there were no flies in the Temple, in the following pages you will learn why. Take a faith changing journey and uncover the tools and strategies that will dramatically shift your life, your relationships, and perhaps bring about the turnaround you have long desired for yourself and others. Along with modern day miracles and remarkable historical events, you will learn the truth about the mess the entire world is in, the pathway out of it, and about the One who is closer than breathing.

Pulse Pounding information

Two techniques you can begin using today to transform your relationships

Ten minutes that can make or break you 

The advice people really give when they look back over their life

The healing power of thoughts, words, and of making a 5% shift 

The truth about research on marriage, money, happiness, and starting a family

The science and psychology behind the power of authentic faith and personal change

Strategies to change your thinking, uncover your destiny, and deliver lasting fulfillment 

Remarkable stories that include: the miracle phone call from God, a painting that stopped a war, the divine voice heard for over 3 years on a mountain in the Middle East, the white strap that stood as an unexplained mystery for forty years, the importance of who is buried at a place called Skull, the gospel in a tree, the Amish martyr who challenged an entire nation, what happened to the founder of rock music and the world’s most popular writer, how a monk ended the gladiator games, what people saw and heard from the sky when they killed a family of missionaries, how a pride of lions saved the life of a child, the last song Jesus sang, and the day Christ taunted the devil

These are a small sample of what you will learn about living sanely in a world gone mad!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Jesus in Shorts

Ever wondered what Jesus looks like?
For two millennia, artists have sought to answer that question. But according to author and story-teller Laura Padgett, Jesus is as close and evident as the people and events around us. 

In Jesus in Shorts, Padgett tells twenty-five short, poignant and true stories that illustrate the presence of Jesus in everyday life including
•A shot of Novocain in the dentist’s chair
•A classic VW Beetle
•An elf in a homeless shelter
•A family crisis

Jesus is indeed present everywhere—in the large and small events, in our laughter and pain, even in our grief. In a world full of distractions, we are sometimes hard-pressed to take time to see or feel His presence. This could be your opportunity to change that. So find a quiet, cozy spot, and discover again, Jesus.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Bat Sam

The folks of this hilarious heartland small town seem to be on a bat craze and are all hyped up. Sam is celebrating a promotion on this lovely rainy night with his coworkers while his wife decides to stay home. Join in on one tipsy night on the town and enjoy yourself with this novelette.

The first 10 people to respond to the author at will get a free download of the Audiable Book.  

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Elysian Fields (The End Book 1)

Elysian Fields (The End Book 1)

Revelation 6:8 

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. 

What if you awakened tomorrow and the world as you knew it had changed? 

The event happened worldwide on October 31 at 5:55 A.M. People got out of bed to find their loved ones or neighbors had fallen in the middle of their morning routines, or never made it out of bed at all. As the body count began to reach staggering numbers the world stood still. It was at the precipice of the growing panic that the world began to come apart. There were no answers. Was it a disease? Was this actually the end as it was written in the bible? No one knew, but one thing was for sure: It had only just begun. 

Frank Pearson had seen the worst the world could offer, and had become a monster to survive it. He had served two tours as a ranger, and two as a delta operator. Yet the ghosts had a habit of following you. No matter how far you ran. They always caught up to you. So when Frank had finally had enough he had shuffled out and came back home. Jacobs Ladder, Texas had always been that to him. It was the small town affair that he liked. It was small enough that when his mom had told her neighbor that her son was coming home, the chief was waiting on him. Harry had held out that gold star and never asked for and answer. Frank had been serving and protecting ever since. 

Felix Cherry had been all about affliction. He had only been a child when he lost the use of his legs to a rare auto-immune disease. He had devoted his life to solving riddles of the universe, and providing the answers that came with them. It had only been a matter of time until he climbed the ladder of leadership at the Center for Disease Control. When the event happened, the powers that be handed him the reins and ran for cover. Felix had always been for adapt and overcome. Yet he wasn’t entirely sure there was an answer to this particular riddle. 

The world was driven for answers. The social media outlets and internet was a buzz with pictures and stories of people who had lost loved ones. So many likes and comments poured in as the day rolled on. Yet there were no answers. The governments of the world had parlayed their differences to find the culprit, but no blame could be found. There was no answer why. The sun slowly set on that fateful Sunday and that was when the true horror really began.

Elysian Fields is a different take on the Zombie apocalypse. This is the story of those that experienced it, and those that came to their aid.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Game of Thinking

We exist inside a Game of Thinking. We call it the universe, life, reality.
But it is the Game of Thinking, a game not played by us, but by thought.

Thinking is a fact; everything else is theory.
Thought wants us to think. If that was not true, we would be able to stop thinking. But we are not.
Thoughts are like zombies. One on one we can deal with them. When they come in bunches, we go under.
In order for war to stop, people need to do more than lay down their weapons; they need to lay down their thoughts.
Our thinking process runs our lives, yet we do not control it, create it, or guide it. Nor can we switch it off.
For it to be real, freedom has to not be a thought.
By acquiring more thought, thought acquires you. By acquiring less thought, you acquire you.
There is no need to understand black holes or string theory. Those things don’t matter, and they may not even exist. There is, likewise, no need to understand ourselves. The benefits of understanding a fool are minimal, and we are all fools. But there is a need to understand understanding itself, which is the Game of Thinking.
This book is the first of its kind that questions what is never questioned, namely thinking itself.
There are good reasons why it is not questioned, called into doubt, unmasked. One is that it doesn’t make sense to do so. Another is that we are trapped. Other reasons we will get to later. But we will question thinking, from as many angles as possible.
The Game of Thinking has two prequels:
You Think You Think: A Book for the Non-Fragmented Mind, 2018, and
Thinking: A Socially Accepted Form of Insanity, A Book for the Imprisoned Mind, 2018.

The premise of these two minimal-length books is the observable daily experience of unceasing thought activity, an activity over which we evidently have little or no control.
You Think You Think is a study in thinking according to methods from the branch of philosophy called Experiential Philosophy. Philosophers are interested in the topic of thought, if no one else. Yet, thinking is what we do sixteen hours a day. Or, as the study shows, thinking is what is done to us sixteen hours a day.
The thesis of the book is based on the recognition that thought is an activity in human beings that (1) proceeds in a fragmented way and that (2) basically cannot be halted. We cannot opt out of thinking. The conclusion is that this accounts for human suffering, lack of direction, and chaos in daily actions and decisions. This leads to the further conclusion that thinking is not something we do, it is something that is being done in us.
Hence the title, You Think You Think. But do you?
Thinking: A Socially Accepted Form of Insanity, the follow-up study, pointed out that we place such overinflated importance on originality and uniqueness that we are prime candidates for being fooled, by thought, that our creations are indeed unique and original. We are 100% unable to see ourselves in the perspective of 7 billion minds thinking thoughts all day long. To think that anything we come up with is new and original, is astonishingly naive. To think that our particular opinion on any topic is the right one, the smart one, the educated one, is severely delusional.
Hence the title, Thinking: a Socially Accepted Form of Insanity.
In The Game of Thinking, these ideas are developed within the over-arching context of thought as a game that is being played. Not by us, but in us. Games are played to win, but can the Game of Thinking be won?
William James wrote in 1890, “The only thing which psychology has a right to postulate at the outset is the fact of thinking itself.” In 1890 psychology was still philosophy. The science of psychology with its various explanatory models was developed in subsequent decades. James established an inroad, a starting point: the fact of thinking. It is the same point that The Game of Thinking starts from.
Thinking is a fact; everything else is theory.
The reader is advised that this book is written within a return-to-start modality, at the expense of the satisfactory development of pleasing explanations. This book does not teach the results of a new understanding in the area of human cognition; it aims to be that understanding itself. The text is dense and does not encourage racing through it. It pays to read carefully.
The purpose of this book is to acquire less thought, not more.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Life, Love and the Pursuit Of

In Life, Love and the Pursuit Of, the author walks us through some of our universal challenges, using her own personal experiences as a guide. With great candor, she offers tangible advice, instilling within readers compassion, inspiration, and most of all optimism. For anyone who has ever felt alone in their struggle, Life, Love and the Pursuit Of offers a powerful reminder that you are not.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Matthew Samm - Website of Monsters


We’re all here to promote our books, the same books we’ve spent HOURS writing and perfecting.

I’ve been there too. I have two novellas for sale on Amazon, ‘Sand Dweller’ and ‘Canal Dweller’, under the pen name ‘Matthew Samm’.

I could slap a link to my book on here (and I will), but I honestly feel that all we indies and indie readers should stick together.

In my quest to support my family through the written word, I’ve bought many courses…probably about $2000 worth. Don’t tell my wife!

In exchange for an email address, I will provide you with a guidebook I have created which summarises all of the important advice and info. You get ALL OF THE WHEAT with NONE OF THE CHAFF!

I wish I’d have had something like this guidebook when I was starting out. It would have saved literally thousands of dollars. That’s why I made the guidebook. It’s HARD writing independently. I know my guidebook will help you AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!

Maybe, though, you aren’t a writer. Maybe you enjoy reading and that’s why you’re here.

I’ve got you covered. Subscribe and in a day or two, you’ll get my novella ‘Canal Dweller’ COMPLETELY FREE!

Canal Dweller is currently one of my best-selling books on Amazon…and you get it at no cost, as a thank you. It’s a short horror story about a creature that lives in the rotten canals of Manchester. If you’ve ever heard the story of ‘The Pusher’, maybe you’ll want to hear an alternative hypothesis.

I hope I can speak to you soon. If not, there’s no hard feelings and good luck with all your endeavours. I’m here if I can help in any way.


Those links are: just add your email to the popup box for your free gifts

OR if you just want the free book without the guidebook.


'The woman inside the box was bucking and banging at the lid doing her best to get out.  It was all in vain.  She’d never see daylight again.'

Leon has only ever known TERROR.  Terror from the monster, named Jonas, who moved in when his uncle died and terror from the monster living in a pit on their old, dying farm.

With a sister to protect and his own demons to fight, Leon MUST ESCAPE.  They BOTH must escape. 


 Will they make it to FREEDOM?  Or will Leon end up in the clutches of a primordial beast, begging for his life.  
A short horror novella, Matthew Samm's 'Sand Dweller', will leave you with a chill down your spine and a smile on your face!


Love terrifying monsters? There are few more terrifying than this!

A silent, unknown killer stalking Manchester's underbelly!

”His eyes met mine. We stared at each other. They were screaming as well. They begged for help. They begged for another day on earth, a day he would never get.’ 
David has a disease. He was born with it and when he tried to tell his parents about it, they shunned him. In desperate search of peace, he sits by the city’s black artery; the canal. He’s done this many times. 
But when he sees a man viciously murdered, David becomes entwined in a secret that’s been killing for years. In the midst of terror, David begins to find himself. Will he survive? And what will be the cost?
Written with Matthew Samm’s trademark pace, ”Canal Dweller’ offers thrills and terror, sure to leave readers cowering; then smiling. 
Read the book that reached #5 in 'teen and young adult horror' within the first 24 hours. 
Read on...if you dare!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

So You Want To Be A Doctoral Learner Huh? Are You Nuts?!

  1. If you are a doctoral or Ph.D. learner (student) or considering becoming one, this is the book for you. This book is written for the novice researcher. Dr. Davis shares her personal story of her trials as a doctoral learner, her difficulties with a chairperson, her decision to quit her program and how the words "Thank You" helped her to successfully cross the finish line. Also included are, tips on how to choose your university, difference between a Ph.D. and Ed.D., how to find your need or gap, how to choose your chairperson, research techniques, relaxation techniques, her qualitative data collection experience, and tips on how to analyze your qualitative data. To give you a head start, Dr. Davis included some terms that you should become familiar with, websites that may help you, and visualization graphics to help you focus on your goals when you feel like giving up.

    Prayer from the Author

    Dr. Davis was born on the beautiful, trade-winds-kissed island of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. In her debut book, she gives you a glimpse of her trials as an online doctoral learner. Due to her trials, she decided to quit her program. The words "Thank You" led her on the road to recovery, and successful completion of her program. Her story is written with humor and gripping details that will leave you wanting to read more.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Food Terrorism


As a parent I used to think that all I had to worry about was keeping my kids safe from the outside world. 

Drugs, bullies, perverts, sex — any and everything that could hurt them in any way.
Then I found out the food I was willingly paying for was worse than them all – combined! And it wasn’t even close.

Food Terrorism is your blueprint for understanding:

• the genius (yet evil) ways the food industry uses to keep you sick, fat, confused and, most importantly, BUYING!
• How you can forever protect yourself and your family from their lies and deception 
• How you can easily reverse the damage caused by years of unhealthy eating 
• And literally so much more!


Remember, when your main motivation is money, you will say or do anything to get it – and step on whoever gets in your way.

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Minstrel and the Mercenary

A tale from the Dark Ages. For Dafydd ap Gwilym, Welsh poet and minstrel, a life composing poems of chivalry and courtly love while enjoying the patronage of the Black Prince of Wales felt like the dream of every poor second son - until he found himself caught up in the siege of Caen and needed to be rescued by the dangerous Radu the Black, a hardened mercenary of Transylvania. 

Forced into an unlikely partnership by the King of England, Gwilym and Radu must solve a murder while hunting down a band of killers led by a mercenary known only as the Nachzehrer, but there is more to this murder than Gwilym suspects...

The fate of Europe is the balance as Radu and Gwilym race to uncover a conspiracy, but can a minstrel and a mercenary find a way to trust one another even as the past comes back to haunt them both?

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Pits

The Pits

After nearly 20 years serving in the Marine Corps, Captain Kramer thought he'd been prepared for anything life had to throw him. He returns from deployment to Afghanistan with a new dog, Shadow. Back in Oceanside, California he and Shadow are drawn into a struggle to oust local gangs involved in a bloody sport. Kramer and Shadow's activities capture the attention of the FBI who quickly enlist their help in an operation to bring down a major crime lord based in Florida. Captain Kramer, USMC and Corporal Shadow, USMC soon find themselves in their deadliest fight ever.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic

I don’t go to doctors that are unhealthy …
Or dentists with bad teeth…
And I sure don’t take romance advice from people with bad relationships!
And that’s why, though it’s a bit odd for me to be telling you something so personal …
I have to introduce you to my friends, Susan and Tim Bratton.
Susan and Tim help people have truly satisfying relationships.
This couple not only offers excellent relationship advice, they have a model relationship of affection and respect for each other.
Tim made me a special page — JUST FOR YOU [Name] — where you go download Susan’s super valuable book called:
This is a book they sell all day long, every day, but literally put up a free page for one week just for YOU, where you go grab the romance tricks with my compliments.
This page will be taken down.
There I said it.
And it’s the truth.
So get your copy and discover the precise romantic gestures that will drive your partner wild.
See their eyes light up as they can’t help but respond with love, laughter, and outright physical affection!
Romance keeps your relationship alive, but if you do the wrong things … it’s wasted effort.
The more love you give, the more love you feel.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Soulmate Embrace

Did you hear about the study showing that the the longer you’re married, the more likely you are to feel dissatisfied in your relationship?
Call me naive, but I still want to believe in the happily ever after. In fact, I refuse to settle for anything but THE BEST for my relationship.
That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about my friend Susan Bratton’s new FREEbie. Suz is my favorite relationship expert and this is her solution to the problem she calls the “Attention-Deficit Marriage.”
The Soulmate Embrace is a simple technique guaranteed to bring the closeness back into your relationship.
Susan is a dynamo who, after 25 years of marriage, is a shining example of happily ever NOW. She’s at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to her man’s attention. I’ve seen these two together. It’s AMAZING. Susan gets all the attention she could possibly want!
And now she’s sharing one of the key secrets of her success.
What I especially appreciate about Susan is that her advice is always practical and always delivers. And this is one of her best yet!
Here’s your chance to give your relationship a crazy beautiful infusion of love juice.
This ebook is beautifully illustrated and explains exactly what to do to reconnect your soul connection. Grab it now FREE!
You’re going to love me for handing you this one!