Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My Little Ghosts

My Little Ghosts 

My Little Ghosts is a literary science fiction work that sends a clear message to all who lost a loved one, to reflect before turning their backs. Maybe the one who comes to see you does not really wish you harm.

The incredible story of My Little Ghosts

Revealing the harsh life of five children who left a dream pending before they died. Trapped in their little bodies as ghosts in a sad and dark underworld, unable to make any contact with human beings.

But on the most unlikely of days, appeared a pediatric doctor, known by all the inhabitants of the city of Clearwater, in Tampa Bay, who against all odds was driven to let them know about the existence of ghosts.

The inhabitants of the city and the rest of the world watched as this doctor deteriorates more and more every day, doing impossible things so that the ghost children achieve their dream and can finally rest in peace as they would like. But this man is booed and mocked by everyone. Before the whole world he is like a madman obsessed with the paranormal.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Let Your Soul Dance In The Wind Journal

Did you know that you are a beautiful sunflower? Yes, you reading this description! Let Your Soul Dance in the Wind, is not just a journal but its a tool to help you get to that next step. The step of waking up and knowing who I am as a person and being proud Flaws and All. Embark on a journey with positive affirmations to get you through a writing session. Easy to carry while you're traveling. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

The Shepherd's Burden

Staff Sergeant Daniel Jefferies has returned home to upstate NY after nearly being killed in an ambush in Iraq. Plagued by the trauma of war, he struggles to find his place in a world that he no longer recognizes. He feels disconnected from his family and friends. But, none of his burdens are heavier than the terrifying secret that he has kept about a mysterious encounter from his youth. When a suspicious murder occurs, he will discover that he has been chosen for a purpose that transcends life and death, forcing him to confront his past. In order to stop the killer, he will have to make choices that will change the fate of the people he loves the most. Can Daniel summon the strength of mind and body, that he once had as a soldier, to face the most profound and consequential challenge of his life?

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Advanced Chakra Balancing and Chakra Healing Using Water

Advanced Chakra Balancing and Chakra Healing Using Water: 

Harnessing the Amazing Healing Power of Water to Heal the 7 Chakras and your Chakra System

“Water has memory, it has power, and it responds to the vibrations around it… This book will teach you how to use powerful visualization techniques to heal and cleanse your 7 chakras using the great energetic power of the element we all take the most for granted.”
In Chakra Balancing for Beginners, Dr. Quantum and Dr. Matt A. draw on years of advanced research into holistic healing, chakra meditation and the unique healing properties of water to offer you proven and powerful methods for self-healing and balancing all 7 chakras and the entire chakra system. 
There are no additional purchases required, like the meditation videos, yoga mats or chakra crystals needed for other chakra instruction books and the simple mind, body and soul healing exercises can be done in only minutes each day!
In this innovative new chakra guide, you will learn:
  • Powerful methods for balancing, energy healing and aligning all seven chakra points: Root chakra, sacral chakra, third eye chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra and crown chakra, using only water
  • Chakra for beginners - how to purify water in your body’s cells (your body’s water becomes polluted by negative emotions, self-doubt and high stress), which allows positive energy and chakra energy to flow freely through your body, promoting harmony, serenity and spiritual healing throughout your body and soul
  • How to use water to overcome common health issues and psychological problems that face all of us: low self-esteem, worrying, chronic pain, low libido, hypertension, anger issues, fear, social anxiety and weight problems
  • How to use one-cup and two-cup water exercises to promote chakra balance and chakra healing of each of the seven chakras
  • A powerful daily two-cup water technique that heals and balances your entire chakra system, resulting in love and acceptance of whatever is causing you pain or discontent in your life

Saturday, July 4, 2020


KEEPSAKES is a 24 page Black-and-White comic book, telling the story of two siblings who step into their late father’s basement and find his collection of mysterious and horrifying items.

Each of those items comes with their own story- an SD card from a broken camera, a firefighter’s uniform, a box of baseball caps, a folder full of receipts from a restaurant. As they encounter each item, we learn their story, and we get a sense of… what else could possibly be hidden down in their dad’s basement.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Tusk and Timber

Tusk and Timber is a book of poetry and perspective. The title inspired by the scene in The Jungle Book where Mowgli learns to bow to the elephants. A show of respect for the giants who make the jungle's beauty with their strength which becomes our own. 

Tusk and Timber is a reminder to start somewhere. Tear down a ceiling to honor those who have come before, will come after, and to honor your own journey. We each are destined to be elephants in life and by using our stories and the stories of those who have paved the way, we clear forest for multitudes of greatness to exist. We, who Tusk and Timber, will not do so in vain. It may fall, but only to rise ahead after rain. This is the poetry that meets process and overcomes.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Damaged Hearts

• A chance encounter connects them.
• Their tragic pasts bond them.
• An unexpected love surprises them.
• And an unseen danger threatens them.
• Love doesn't have a chance...or does it?

When 19-year-old military veteran Brandon Hawkins is attacked on Venice Beach by a gang of frat boys, he is saved by Michelangelo Curtis, a passerby. Michelangelo was roaming the boardwalk grieving the death of his twin brother six months earlier. The two men’s unexpected encounter forges a strong bond between the damaged and lonely men.

Inviting the homeless Bran to his place for some food and a shower, 25-year-old Michelangelo finds himself drawn to the younger man. Neither of the men is gay. But before long, their friendship morphs into something like love and takes them both by surprise.

And they have something else in common: The frat boys are out for revenge!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Woman Does It Better: A Political Satire

A Woman Does It Better: A Political Satire

A Woman Does It Better - smart, sassy satire from a future woman President who changes the crazy world of politics forever with her smarts. She gets rid of the IRS, stops war, changes the future forever by investing in education -not testing! Fun, fast, controversial - worth your time!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The New CBT

The New CBT is the first work that explains the etiology of, and treatment for, all major DSM / ICD conditions using a novel evolutionary and behavioral-genetic approach. The book has already been recognized as an important advance in the field by figures like cognitive scientist Arthur Reber, evolutionary psychologist Todd Shackelford, and co-founder of modern behavioral genetics Robert Plomin.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Panorama: The Missing Chapter: From the Memoir Views from the Cockpit


The Missing Chapter: 

From the Memoir Views from the Cockpit

After enduring a panic attack which left the author attached to breathing machines around foreign doctors, the bisexual-themed Panorama—The Missing Chapter of Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son, expands on the author’s experiences working and living abroad in Seoul, South Korea. 
After a friendship ignites and morphs into a curious tale of parallel souls with a Brazilian-American soldier serving in the U.S. military, Panorama reflects on the author’s contemplations to return to a crumbling family life in Los Angeles or to endure his life in Seoul for an end-of-contract cash payout, until things take an unexpected turn.

In Panorama, the author broadens his stance on the importance of moments spotlighting isolation and exposing the perks and ailments of escapism. With precise prose and a thought-provoking storyline that covers eating live octopus, philosophical debates about the gender of God, pregnancy, and bisexual erasure—Panorama stands tall as a connected yet separate story. Panorama puts biphobia under a microscope by exposing double discrimination with consideration to cultural intersections of race and religion.

Using the death of his father and brother as the linchpin to personal development, the author reframes pain and loss into resilience and personal achievement. He provides a template for readers to overcome limiting beliefs and turn their unique story into a source of empowerment.

The author reminds readers that as daunting as the vicissitudes of life, and no matter the view from the cockpit of life, the human spirit cannot, and should not, be restrained in loss or passion, and while truth may be the bitterest pill of them all, the effects of truth can bring us closer to an unbroken life.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Media's Early Warning Effect: The Timelier Deployment of Peacekeeping Operations

This book discusses the strong capacity of media to cover the early warning signs of a humanitarian crisis, which can result in the timelier authorisation and deployment of a peacekeeping operation. The main hypothesis is that since mass media have the ability to transmit information; produce publicly constituted surveillance processes and influence public opinion, they can also support early warning signs of crises. This can be facilitated through real-time reporting and project development that will create a vigorous global network of human monitors to inspire popular support and the necessary pressure to deploy a peacekeeping operation. To support her hypothesis, the author has used both primary and secondary research, including the review & analysis of 21 books, 24 interviews, 134 survey respondents and 4 basic case studies - that of Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda and FYROM.

Saturday, June 27, 2020


Gary Erakleous’ new book “Chrysalis” is a thrilling novel about science, technology, and drama, a galvanizing opus on meandering circumstances revolving around people caught in a rivalry for power and recognition. “Chrysalis”: a riveting journey of action and emotional turmoil among colleagues in the medical field. 

When a molecular biologist discovers a miraculous vaccine, the pharmaceutical industry is eager to get hold of it, but when he refuses to reveal the elements of his formula, all hell breaks loose . . .  
Vincent, an idealistic, unassuming research scientist, together with his bright assistant, Dorothy, discover a vaccine that when injected into the human body heals any wounded organ. He tests the vaccine for the first time on a teenager, Lucas, Dorothy’s son, after a terrible car accident, and Lucas begins to recover. Vincent’s rival, Kushner, the materialistic and greedy director of a pharmaceutical company, kidnaps Lucas in a desperate attempt to find the components of the vaccine and produce it. 
Vincent and Dorothy accuse Kushner of the kidnapping because of the rivalry that exists between them. Unfortunately for them, the kidnapping was executed in such a cunning way that they cannot prove their suspicions to the police. On the contrary, the police suspects Vincent of experimenting with the vaccine and causing Lucas’s death. It falls upon Vincent’s and Dorothy’s shoulders to prove their innocence, but above all to find Lucas before Kushner wipes him out after he is done with the experiments. 
The plot is teeming with twists and turns, a gripping series of events and an emotional outpouring of grief and courage from a mother who struggles against a well-organized criminal conspiracy to save her son. 

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Gary Erakleous’ new book is sure to captivate the interest of readers and fill their minds with excitement and anticipation. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Stain

The Stain

Born of bloodshed, a prolific stain, fed by the sins of earliest man….The Simmons moved into 228 Briar Street. With two growing children needing a stable routine and a house to call home, Marc and Claire settled into the old red brick, unaware of the neighborhood’s dirty little secret. In the dark and unfamiliar depths of the basement it lurks. It desires to manipulate the family into destructive chaos as it has countless times past and as far back as there were settlers in this plot of land, feed upon both flesh and the ecstasy of its dark influence. And not just in this house. It is old, mischievous, and inherently evil. It is...
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