Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Creating a Successful Nonprofit

by Rolanda S. McDuffie, CPA.

Creating Successful Nonprofit by Knowing the Numbers’ by Rolanda S McDuffie CPA.This practical guide will assist nonprofits in staying financially compliant and running smoothly. Creating a Successful Nonprofit by Knowing the Numbers - A Guide for Founders and Board Members covers all of the essential aspects of paying the staff, donation requirements, financial reporting and taxation. In addition, it defines the term "nonprofit, the role and responsibilities of its board of directors, as well as relevant compliance and governance issues. In addition to outlining the policies most nonprofit organizations should have in place, a variety of sample policies are also included in the appendices to make implementation easier.

Nonprofit founders, board and finance committee members oversee the financial affairs of nonprofit organizations. Even though oversight of the financial affairs does not require one to be a financial expert, it is important to know what is vital and how to analyze the information presented to the board. This resource guide will assist nonprofit leaders with this process in a basic, easy-to-read format.

The book will help existing nonprofit board members like YOU, understand their fiduciary duties and delve into the differences between for-profit and nonprofit businesses to assist you in navigating all of the subtleties that nonprofit organization’s face on a daily basis. From beginners to experts, everybody can glean from this comprehensive guide.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Greatest Battles for Boys



Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terror

Are you struggling to inspire your son to read and stay educated? Then keep reading…

Maybe he would prefer to spend his time playing first-person shooter video games instead of learning?

Maybe you find it hard to motivate him to sit down and read books that will educate and excite him?

Or maybe he sees history as a boring and unimportant subject rather than the essential topic of information we know it to be as adults?

So many books on the history of the greatest battles are littered with dull and uninteresting chapters. It’s a poor choice for boys who prefer adventures and games over textbooks.

Hence, the Greatest Battles for Boys!

Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terror brings all the best battles to the boys. It is a history book that is highly educational and exceedingly engaging, and fun to read. Your son will be struggling to put this book down and texting his friends that he won’t be online playing any games tonight!

We all know how important our history and heritage are, and providing your kid with this knowledge at an early age will give him a head start at school, set him on the path to success, and instill in him a hunger for knowledge.

Inside Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terror, discover:

  • Scintillating information on the background of 9/11
  • Details of September 11, the day that changed everything
  • Haunting aftermath of the 9/11 attacks domestically and internationally
  • Eye-opening insight into the inner workings of Operation Enduring Freedom and the 10-year hunt for Osama bin Laden
  • Pre-war events leading to the Iraq War, including the Gulf War and the Iran-Iraq War
  • Insight into the Iraq War and the capture of Saddam Hussein 
  • Revealing information about Operation Inherent Resolve

And much, much more!

Grab a copy of Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terrortoday, and give your son a history book he will ACTUALLY READ!

The Vikings


The Vikings:

Who Were The Vikings? Enter The Viking Age & Discover The Facts, Sagas, Norse Mythology, Legends, Battles & More

In 700 AD, a tribe of warriors left their homeland and struck out for glory & conquest.., 

They came to take no prisoners. Their eerie horns made a distinctive sound, and their fearsome longboats struck from out of nowhere.. 

The Vikings, their History & Mythology fascinates many because it speaks to something within us: The fight to succeed and to grow stronger. 

Make no mistake, these were not nice people, but much of their legacy was not just about pillaging and destruction. In this book, History Brought Alive reveals new insights into The Vikings. 

Join us on a rampage through their history, culture, myths and more!

Blending historical accounts, tales and mythology. This is the definitive guide to the life and times of the Vikings. See into the lives of these legendary people, the impact that they had on medieval society and beyond.

In this book you will discover; 

  • Common Misunderstandings About The Vikings
  • The Viking Diet - Discover The Energy Source Of The Epic Warriors
  • Runestones - Meanings & Opening a Gateway to Ancient Viking Civilization
  • Famous Battles including The Legendary Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066
  • Language of The Vikings - Old Norse Language Throughout History
  • Viking Longships - How The Norsemen Ruled the Waves 
  • Traditions, Culture & Rituals - Births, Weddings & The Complex Way The Viking’s Responded to Death
  • Viking Gods & Goddesses - Loki The Trickster, Thor God of Thunder & More
  • What Happened to The Vikings & Why did They Disappear? 

And much, much more..

The Viking era may have ended, but their legacy lives on. 

And if you want to find out more about The Vikings then this is The Book for You

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Monday, July 26, 2021

The Book of Botanical Tangles



The Book of Botanical Tangles: 

Learn Tangles and Line Drawings to Create Your own Botanical Art

The Book of Botanical Tangles is full of fun organic tangles and botanical line drawings that you can learn in minutes! If you've wanted to draw your own botanical tiles this is the perfect resource to get ideas for tangles. Instructions for simple botanical line drawings are also included in the book. So you can add some variety and mix and match two different style of art. Zentangle and Line Drawing. This book contains lots of fun projects and prompts for you to play with. We also look at some similar artwork from classical artists to learn a bit more about black and white art.Your finished art could be on a tangle, an art journal page or you can use it to decorate your bullet journals and planners! Learning how to draw in an easy and approachable way, you'll be creating masterpieces in a matter of minutes!Here's an overview of exactly what is included in the book.In this book you'll learn some botanical/organic tangles as well as some simple botanical line drawings that you can incorporate in your tiles. I like playing with various art forms and am constantly looking for ways to marry art styles. I have added watercolors, mixed media backgrounds and more to my tangled tiles. In this book we will just focus on black and white botanical inspired tiles and projects.You will see artwork from many different CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers). This will inspire you and allow you to see how varied this art form can be and how one tangle can be used in many different ways.We will start with a short introduction to the Zentangle® method. I will go over all the basics of what tiles and tangles are.Then we will move on to tools and your workspace and what you will need to get started.The fun starts here! We will dive into organic tangles and you’ll learn to tangle. Most of these tangles are official - that means they were created by Zentangle® HQ (Maria, Rick, Martha and Molly). After this section I will also share some other tangles I love that you can look up yourself and some botanical line drawings to add extra interest to your art.Then we will move onto some artists and their botanical tiles. You’ll be inspired by the breadth of the work being done and will learn new ways of incorporating different tangles in your work.I love projects and worksheets of all kinds! So I will end with some projects and worksheets for you to play with. This book is meant to be an introduction to the world of Botanical Zentangle® but I will leave you with lots of resources and online class links that you can take with immensely talented CZTs.Welcome to the world of tangling!This book is perfect for beginners and wanglers with some experience.



Hell No To The Unknown !

Welcome to the weirdest morning ever! Follow Spex, a seventeen-year-old boy with severe amnesia who wakes up in a strange new world filled with talking cats, witchdoctors, highly addictive slushies, and its very own criminal underworld. Throughout his journey, Spex desperately seeks the answer to his identity and a way of returning to his old life. In the course of this quest, he finds friendship, tangles with his personal demons, falls in love, gets involved in a gang war, and confronts his own mortality.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Game of Twins


Game of Twins - The Special Agent

In 1950, FBI Special Agent Derbert Hinke is tasked by J. Edgar Hoover to investigate the murders of twin girls in ritzy New Canaan, CT because commie banners are found at the crime scene – but the agent quickly learns he’s up against something more evil than the Kremlin: a drop-dead gorgeous witch and her sadistic Game of Twins. Game of Twins – The Special Agent is the prequel book in the Game of Twins trilogy. a series that also includes Game of Twins and Game of Twins - Kidnapped. The investigation of multiple, ritualistic twins murders did not start with Atlanta Detective Suzanne Delacroix in 2014. It started sixty-four years prior with one FBI special agent.who believes he's the only person who can solve the murders.

Note: The books are chronological, but you may decide to read this prequel first or last in the series. Game of Twins and Game of Twins – Kidnapped are set in present day. Game of Twins – The Special Agent is set in the era of Hoover and is the historical noire fiction of the series.

30 Days of Bible Verses


30 Days of Bible Verses:

A 30 Day Devotional, volume 1

This 30 Day Devotional is a compilation from when I started that piece of my journey. What follows are my original messages from the series “30 Days of Bible Verses.” For you, the reader, whether you are somebody that believes in the gospel of the Bible as an absolute truth or if you are somebody to view the Bible as a collection of stories written by men and divinely inspired; this arrangement and collection is not here to change your beliefs. 

I figured if something was affecting me in my life, maybe it was affecting others too. I planned and I prayed. I just let the messages flow through me. I felt I should share the scripture and the message very directly and organically. So I did. 

This collection is an opportunity for you to explore the Bible and deepen your connection with God.

Friday, July 23, 2021



Isabella has everything to live for; a nice job that she enjoys and a boyfriend in the Army who has promised to marry and take care of her. But when she goes to investigate the sounds of a crying child one night after work, it is against her better judgement and against everything that she had ever been taught. And for good reason.

Kidnapped and trafficked by a ruthless gang, she is bound and kept naked alongside three other women, waiting her turn to be sold like a piece of merchandise to a wealthy Mexican cartel owner.

She knows that any attempt to escape will likely result in her death and as she tries to make sense of her situation and make a connection with one of her kidnappers, to try to let him see the human being behind the commodity, she is suddenly confronted by the shocking reality of her situation and how he came to be in it.

Now, with only her own salvation at the forefront of her mind, Isabella is prepared to do whatever it takes to be free once more and to exact the revenge that is burning fiercely inside her.

Doctors' Orders


Author and poet Nina Ruiz a Bronx native and former actress launches her first poetry and art book “Doctor’s Orders”. An urban/street style of writing with a modern edge. Giving readers an almost smooth music like rhythm. A collection of poems with a little bit of everything from love, loss, heartbreak, joy and transition. Something everyone can relate to and can easily pass a long to others



Thursday, July 22, 2021

Lulu The Moon Catcher


Have you ever tried to catch the moon?

Lulu is a sweet and quirky girl who loves playing in nature! She loves to spend time with the animals and wrestling in the mud. The other girls don’t like to play with her and the boys only make fun of her. There are times when Lulu feels like she never fits in. But when Lulu discovers an opportunity to catch the moon, she soon learns about the value of true friendship, courage, and why you should always embrace who you are.

With beautiful and vivid illustrations paired with an inspiring story, this heartwarming children’s book will empower children of all ages with valuable themes of friendship, loyalty and courage. Kids will adore reading about Lulu’s adventure while it imparts important lessons about embracing being different and staying true to yourself, even if you feel like you don’t fit in.

Book details:

  • Contains a touching and memorable story with beautiful illustrations 
  • Makes a fun bedtime story for you to bond with your child 
  • Ideal for boys and girls of all ages. Especially ages 5-8
  • Lovely songs to sing and dance to
  • Shares valuable lessons about being true to yourself, friendship, loyalty, and courage
  • Makes a perfect gift for a child, grandchild, cousin or student you know

So if you’re searching for a unique tale about a brave and quirky girl with a huge heart, or if you want to inspire your child with compelling moral lessons, Lulu the Moon Catcher is a touching tale which will soon become a cherished part of your bookshelf.

Click here to get Lulu The Moon Catcher 

on Amazon / Kindle

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Million Dollar Download


Let's face it. You want more—more money and freedom, less work, and a higher quality of life.

What if there were a simple, proven system to get you off the hamster wheel, create cash flow, and generate real wealth with no risk or complexity?


Learn how to create simple digital products and turn them into a PASSIVE INCOME EMPIRE.

Whether your goal is to retire on a remote island, travel full time, or simply spend more time with your family and friends, this book can get you there.

For the price of a few cups of coffee you can discover the exact strategies that everyday people are using to take back control of their time and make the most of their lives.

Yes, you can now live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, while enjoying the full benefits of an online passive income. 

If you are sick and tired of making your boss rich, working hard for little pay, living paycheck to paycheck, or just want to dramatically upgrade your current lifestyle, this is the book that can change everything.

Millions of people are living life on their own's now your turn.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021




With a war between divine races on the horizon, a battle for love, born out of hate, is the final thread holding the universe together…

Five races of divine beings lived together in harmony. These five races, having discovered the fourth dimension, love, lived in peace and harmony. But they never expected the turmoil that was to come.

Devoted servants of Yah, these races wanted nothing more than to serve Him and fulfill the will of Yah…but their harmony could only last so long.

Questions begin to arise between the races. Questions about free will, about the different dimensions, and about the value of love itself. And as they rise, the Aerz race finds themselves being attacked from all sides, as conflict begins to pour form each race. And though no one wants to end up under the wicked rule of Rage, the prince of the underworld, the ongoing war brings far more death and despair than any of the divine races ever could have imagined.

Author Oshay Wilburn Henry offers a captivating, intense, and adventure-driven fantasy novella that will have readers questioning everything. This short, action-packed story has a completely unique and entirely new concept that provides a fantastic escape from the everyday. Complete with a cast of charismatic characters and a storyline full of twists, turns, and an incredible end, this fantasy novelette is the perfect read for anyone looking for a fresh take on cosmic literature.

The Secret Order of the Orchid


In eighteenth-century France, the mysterious death of one of the clergies is soon followed by the disappearance of another. It quickly becomes apparent that something sinister has invaded their monastery, and only a former cleric from Avignon can solve the mystery of the missing monks. Shortly into his investigation, he discovers that the truth behind the sudden tragic events is much more diabolical than he could have ever imagined.