Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Housebroken - 4 Stars of Spooky (Happy Halloween Edition)

"This book was terrifying ... an emotionally brutal read from beginning to end. Highly recommended!" - Review by Horror After Dark

A dysfunctional family. Psychotic kidnappers. No motive. No ransom. These home invaders want only to 'observe' ...
HOUSEBROKEN is a terrifying psychological thriller where nothing is at it seems, a home invasion horror novel where the consequences for both action and inaction are more frightening than you can imagine. 

"Fast-paced and relentless ... Housebroken is a read not to miss." - Review by HellNotes

Enter the home of the Crotchets, the quintessential American family; so perfect, that complete strangers decide to learn from them ... at gunpoint. What begins as a harmless observation soon escalates into a maddening descent as the very definition of 'family' dissolves and is torn asunder -- both from forces without, and within. 
But these kidnappers, these 'strangers,' may harbor secrets as dark as the Crotchets themselves.
"Horror and thriller fans that pick up this book will have to ready themselves for an experience that will affect them mentally and physically ... Put Housebroken on the list of must-read horror novels." - Review by Horror Palace
For those who like in-their-face psychological thrillers, and don't mind having nightmares at night, HOUSEBROKEN is a horror novel that will stay with you long after the last page is turned. Packed with genre-bending twists, The Behrg has crafted an original take on a familiar trope that fans of Blake Crouch or Stephen King will be sure to enjoy.
HOUSEBROKEN was a First-Round Kindle Scout Selection, and Semi-Finalist in the Kindle Book Awards for Horror.

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