Monday, December 5, 2016

Ponder This

Ponder This is full of the unexpected and sometimes unusual connections author Angie Mattson Stegall makes about life and business as she’s practicing “being still while moving.” 

It’s a personal collection of insights from her day-to-day life experiences, whether she’s driving to see clients, hiking for fun and exercise, or rafting 225 miles of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon on an epic adventure. 

Although much of this book focuses on the business reader, the ideas and concepts can easily be applied to a reader’s personal life, too.

As you read through the ponderings inside this book, the hope is you will begin paying attention to the small miracles, unexpected coincidences, and lessons life wants to share with you. 

In other words, this book should give you a lot to ponder, too.


"Keep guiding people out of their own way!" – Andrew Tucker

"Angie, I hate to admit this and I promise that I'm not stalking you - but I love your blogs! They're hilarious, inspiring and always ask the right questions at the end - the kind of questions we should already be asking ourselves." – Amy Wartham, Director of Corporate Training, UNC Charlotte

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